Minuit Rosé – The Wine of the Night

When I received the invitation to Soirée Minuit Rosé, by Mr. Jay Nappali (Head of Marketing & Business Development of MNR Global), he insisted to call it a wine drinking event. Without knowing much, I went to the event alone at ME@OUE, a new place that I’ve heard but have not experienced. “What a chic place!”, I thought to myself. With a total unblocked view of the beautiful Singapore skyline, I was high simply by witnessing this picturesque moment. Then I told myself,”Not yet! I need a drink.” That was the first time I got to know a special pink guest from Côtes de Provence (France) – Minuit Rosé; literally it means Rosé of the midnight.

Minuit Rosé is not like any other type of Rosé because the grapes are harvested in the dead of night. Based on an article by USA TODAY, this resulted in a better wine because such technique extracts the maximum quality and the aroma of the grapes. Minuit Rosé was first launched during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival 2013 and subsequently Grand Prix F1 2013 in Monaco. It is targeted to the upscale, chic and elegant market and Singapore is definitely a worthy destination for such class.

Though one may not help but to judge how young the feel of the entire packaging of Minuit Rosé is, one will be surprised to know that the winemaker Astros has produced grapes for generations since 1637. Thanks to the vision of the younger Astros members, they embarked to a more hip territory where the image of Minuit Rosé to be at the hands of who’s who will soon become a reality. Where can you find Minuit Rosé at this moment outside Singapore? Paris, St Tropez, Cannes, Marseille, Aix en Provence, San Paolo and Hong Kong. Geez! Places one go to PARTY!

Personally I love Minuit Rosé for its freshness. The younger the vintage, the fresher it will taste. It is delicate and yet sophisticated, perfect for the hot weather in Singapore. Especially when you’re drinking it under the stars while knowing at the other side of the world, when the sky turns dark, another batch of younger and fresher Minuit Rosé grapes are being harvested for your next pleasurable moments.

If you would like to have a glimpse of what high life is about, you definitely need to try Minuit Rosé. Bring it to your next party, dress your best, rent that boat and have your own drinking party. If not, don’t miss the 2nd Soirée Minuit Rose at ME@OUE. Check out more of the details at TheLocalNose Events Calendar. Life is supposed to be lived in style.


(Originally Published in TheLocalNose.com on the 8th of November 2013)

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