Buyan Paints the Town Pink with Its Blush Party

When Buyan Facebook page claimed that they are going to bring The Biggest Rosé Wine Party in Singapore, they were totally not joking at all. I never thought Buyan is a place to party until I was there to experience it for myself. I was in a pink party heaven.

photogrid_1376797261340There were 26 selections of Rosé wines to choose from and especially for the ladies, simply by RSVP-ing to the event, they are entitled to 3 complimentary wines! For the men and ladies who simply wouldn’t stop at 3, they gladly paid $55 for the free flow option. Totally worth every penny!

Thanks to TheLocalNose, I was one of those people who wouldn’t know how to stop at 3 glasses when they were abundant of bottles available. Hence, a free flow pass was issued to me. Seriously, 26 Rosé? Buyan is indeed the only restaurant in Singapore which carries the largest range of Rosé ever. They mean business when they say that!

The selections were really amazing. How else could it be when they were personally selected by the Head Sommelier of Buyan – Mr. Indra Kumar. Sure, I have seen many sommeliers with passion but Indra infused a very different kind of enthusiasm into his sharing. Meet him, talk to him and let his chosen wine sways you into another realm. I was totally swayed by his first choice of wine for me.

photogrid_1376797090739Varichon & Clerc Pellin Rosé Demi-Sec from France, is a type of sparkling wine with beautiful pink colour which has great balance on the palate and definitely a great match with dessert. The sweetness is so easy going that it was being informally voted by most of the ladies as one of their favourite Rosé for the night. Indra really has a very good taste! I couldn’t get enough of it but I needed to restrain myself as I had so many wines to taste!

Moving on to the next one, I was fated to be on the same table as the sommelier from Singapore Airlines and the distributor of the next wine I was having – Alexandre Penet Rosé Champagne (Extra Brut Cuvée). It’s a combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. It has a very crisp palate and just definitely a perfect choice to be served as welcome drink at a party. As recommended by Yelena (the representative from, it can be a great companion for Cantonese fried seafood, sushi, sashimi, tapas, etc. I didn’t have any of the food mentioned that night but it sure paired well with my happy mood.

photogrid_1376797196245Next, I took matter into my own hand, followed my guts and stumbled upon Philipponnat Brut Reserve Rosé. I never really referred to the wine list provided so as to have a more “surprise” element in my own journey of tasting all the Rosé. And by far, following my instinct has never failed me. I have struck jackpot. (I need to use this method to buy lottery tickets too, seriously). Philipponnat was a gem! It is by far my personal favourite. Its elegance speaks through its fine bubbles. A wine that suits for all occasions whether to be as aperitif or coupled with some dessert. It is subtle and yet sexy. I then found out from my French friend that it is a brand that’s quite popular in France however not as commercially famous as other branded ones. The quality seriously speaks for itself.

I wish I could write about all the wines I have tasted but alas, that would have sounded like a thesis than a blog post. I will end the article with another crowd’s favourite – Astoria 9.5 Cold Wine from Italy, a Rosé Prosecco. It was the only one with the sexiest and chic looking white bottle. It is a Rosé apt for hip and trendy parties. However, don’t judge the Rosé by its bottle, though it looks so modern, the wine actually followed a really traditional wine-making process, with soft pressing and partial cold maceration.  It is really fresh and elegant with smooth balance on the palate. As the name said, it’s best to be served really cold, colder than normal bubbles.

I do wish I have more chance to share more stories about the other wines I have tasted but I guess I would do that for the next Buyan Rosé party. Ladies, if you love Rosé and good music, please drop by the next time. Gentlemen, if you love the ladies, get yourself the free flow option and I am pretty sure everyone will have a blast. I definitely did and I absolutely will again the next time.

Thank you, Indra for inviting me and again thank you TheLocalNose for giving me this opportunity. I can never thank everyone enough especially when good wines are involved.

(Originally Published in on the 4th of September 2013)

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