TLN Italian Job at Gattopardo

The first moment I found out that TLN was holding a wine dinner at Gattopardo, I said “si” in less than a heartbeat. Though I have only been there twice, Chef Lino Sauro has definitely left a deep impact to my soul because if that would have been my last meal on earth, I would have died happy. Coupled with TLN who paired 5 wines with a 4 courses at only $78 nett, that’s really just too good to be true, but I’m grateful that it was true!

Did I give away the ending before telling you the story? Well, it’s just like living, isn’t it? We know how it starts and we know how it’s going to end but what really matters are the things in between. Make sure they are made of moments, people and experiences that are worth your while. TLN Italian Job at Gattopardo was definitely one of those moments for me.

tln_italian_job_01Upon arrival, we were greeted by Reversanti Prosecco which has a really graceful palate which makes it an ideal as aperitif. Since it was a Tuesday, we were all chilling with the Prosecco at the bar area while waiting for everyone to arrive. Once we were all seated in the beautifully setup dining area, we were all ready for more wine and finally Italian food.

For appetizer we had Ricci di mare (chickpea mousse and sea urchin) which was paired with a 2011 Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis. Arneis is a white Italian wine grape variety from the region of Piedmont is a nice little secret of Italy. It is plush and velvety with really nice acidity which goes well with the zuppa! As if we were not pampered enough, for our il primo, we had Calamarata con Piselli – Fave Fresche (“Calamarata” pasta with green peas, fava beans, stewed shallots, Sicilian Toma cheese). Calamarata is a type of pasta in the shape of calamari tubes. Cooked al-dente with the sweetness of peas to match with the weight and acidity of the 2006 Marchesi Incisa della Rochhieta Barbera. This Barbera has been the crowd’s favourite as it’s good value for money. Perfect setup to the main star of our 4-course meal.

For the il secondo, without a shaodow of doubt I opted for Puntine di Manzo Wagyu (22 hours slow-cooked Wagyu short ribs). Come on! When you see the word Wagyu, your decision is automatically made for you. Unless you don’t eat beef, of course! Oh, what a heavenly choice indeed. The meat simply melted in your mouth and the mash potato was cooked to perfection – the generousity of butter shining through. For a more vegetarian friendly choice, Melanzane alla Parmigiana (Eggplant with Tomato, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese) was also offered. With such richness in experience, we were coupled with 2010 Castellare Chianti Classico which has the nose of berries with earthy fill and mid tannin which turned softer once you paired it with the beef.

tln_italian_job_02No meal is ever perfect if it’s not ended with dessert. Since we had a really rich night, we were served with very light and refreshing duo citrus sorbets. The Ca Dei Mandorli Moscato DOCG was just a perfect closing to such eventful night. Its floral nose simply uplifted the mood and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it. What a perfection! If one needs to verify how good the wine dinner event with TLN, just look at our companies below and you’d be glad if you were with us. If not, there will always next time! Join us and create delicious moments with us. Life with great wine, great food and great companies = perfect formula to living.

A special shout-out to Lucia, TLN Event Manager who as always manages awesome wine events, thank you so much! Looking forward to more TLN events!

(Originally Published in on the 18th of November 2013)

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