About the Duck

The_Drinking_Duck_Front_ViewOnce upon a time, there was a curious duck with spectacles. She loves asking questions, sometimes too many.

“What is my purpose of life?”, she asked herself many times.

Off she went on a 10-year-journey to find THE answer. She tried reading many books, but knowledge didn’t quench her thirst. (Well, she bought many books but hardly finished them.) She asked the same question to many people, thinking maybe one of them would know. QUACK! The answer was not there too.

One day, two fairy god-sisters came into her life. They saw something in the curious duck that she had never realized. This duckĀ could spread joy when she drank! With the new-found realization, The Drinking Duck was reborn and it is her life purpose to share the joy of drinking with everyone she is destined to meet.

Enough reading, it’s time for a drink now. What shall we discover now?

“Everyone’s taste is personal. What you like is the right taste for you.” – Edwin Soon

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